26 noviembre 2020

New patent developed by FFII

Fundación para el Fomento de la Innovación Industrial (FFII) has obtained a new patent about a Partial Discharge (PD) reference generation system. This system includes a […]
30 marzo 2021

Congreso Iberoamericano de Ingeniería y Tecnología, CIBITEC 21

Los días 10 a 13 de mayo próximos se celebrará el tercer Congreso Iberoamericano de Ingeniería y Tecnología, CIBITEC 21, organizado conjuntamente por la Asociación y […]
10 junio 2021


Calibration of an inductive voltage transformers up to 450 kV and other capacitive voltage transformer up to 200 kV was successfully performed at 50 Hz and […]
6 noviembre 2020

LCOE publishes the new calibration set-up for energy measuring systems

LCOE-CTAT has been published the new calibration set-up developed for the laboratory calibration of energy measuring systems typical of railway systems. This paper has been published […]
20 octubre 2020

LCOE expands its on site testing capabilities with a second 260 kV 83 A resonant generator for commisioning tests on HV cable systems up to 400 kV after its installation.

LCOE has put into service a new mobile resonant generator which enhances its capacity to attend the increasing demand from the electrical industry of AC withstand […]
28 septiembre 2020

LCOE participes in the international conference sensors engineering and electronics instrumentation advances, SEIA

LCOE-CTAT has attended the 6th edition of the International Conference on Sensors Engineering and Electronics Instrumentation Advances, SEIA , 23-25 September 2020, held in Porto. A […]