30 mayo 2023

Course and workshop on metrology for future power grids. 19ENG02 FUTUREENERGY EUROPEAN PROJECT

On the 24th of May, FFII-LCOE organized a training course to present the new developments related with high voltage measuring and testing techniques and partial discharges […]
18 mayo 2023

LCOE experts will be present at JICABLE ’23

LCOE HV Lab will be attend JICABLE ’23 International Conference on Insulated Power Cables Lyon – Palais de Congrès From 18th to 22nd June We will […]
12 mayo 2023

Metrology for future HV transmission: HV measuring techniques: course & workshop.

Course about Metrology for future HV transmission: HV measuring techniques 24 May 2023 For future energy transmission, voltage levels are increasing to ultra-high voltage (UHV) levels […]
2 febrero 2023

LCOE high voltage lab performs high voltage dc corona measurements on several air terminals manufactured by lightning protection international Pty Ltd (“LPI”)

Corona discharge characteristics of two of LPI’s “Guardian” air terminal families were assessed at the LCOE HV LAB using a new HV DC generator in November […]
6 septiembre 2022

LCOE-CTAT in the CIGRE 2022 Session and Exhibition

FFII-LCOE has attended the CIGRE Paris Session 2022 from August 28th to September 2nd. Dr. Fernando Garnacho, scientific director of LCOE presented the three following papers […]
6 septiembre 2022

Calibration of gis voltage transformer up to 440kV

The calibration of the GIS inductive voltage transformer with rated voltage 400 / √3 kV, frequencies 50 Hz and 60 Hz was requested by GE Grid […]