LCOE on site Calibration service, accredited according to ISO 17025 by the National Accreditation body of Spain (ENAC) performs on site calibrations of HV measurement systems and low voltage instruments, avoiding the need and risks of sending the instruments to the laboratory. LCOE is offering this service to the electrical industry since 1992.

HV measurement systems such as DC, AC, Lightning and Switching impulses measurement systems, with rated voltages up to 2500 kV (see calibration ranges), are calibrated according to procedures given in IEC 60060-2, which recommends on site calibration of these systems whenever possible.

On site calibrations of voltage and current transformers, and power analyzers, are also accredited, in order to offer the calibration of transformer losses measuring systems. The use of high accuracy standards results in very low calibration uncertainties, even for low power factors.

Our On Site team will do its best to provide the necessary flexibility to adapt our calibration service to your production schedule, in order to minimize the affection to the daily duty of your laboratory.

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The ISO 17025 accredited calibration of LV instruments such as power analyzers, energy meters, capacitance and dissipation factor bridges, megohmeters or insulation meters, low resistance meters, voltmeters, PD measuring systems, PD calibrators and others completes our on-site calibration service.

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DC Measuring systems Up to 1000 kV
AC Measuring systems Up to 2500 kV
LI / SI Measuring systems Up to 2500 kV
Voltage transformers Up to 500 kV
Current transformers Up to 12 kA
Partial discharge instruments From 0.5 to 2000 pC
Partial discharge calibrators From 0.5 to 2000 pC
Low Voltage power analyzers Voltage, current, power, energy
Capacitance / tan δ bridges From tan δ ≥ 10-5 pu
Capacitance meters 10 pF to 10 nF
Megohmeters Up to 15 kV
Low resistance meters From 100 µΩ up to 1 kΩ

Take a look at the complete calibration ISO 17025 accredited scope and CMC of LCOE on the following link: Nº1/LC10.001


Voltage transformers up to 400/√3 kV and current transformers up to 2.000 A may be calibrated on site under minimum accessibility conditions. Standards used for this purpose are high accurate units, allowing low uncertainty calibrations that may be used to comply with legal metrological regulations. GIS or outdoor type transformers may be calibrated.

This service is also made under ISO 17025 accreditation of LCOE.

LCOE can generate the high voltage needed for some of these calibrations up to 100 kV. Calibration at higher voltages levels must be made using service voltage of the installation.

Mobile current generators are available up to 2.000 A

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Power systems loaded with non-linear loads often carry harmonic currents leading to harmonic voltage distortions or result in additional stresses on other components connected to the power system. The harmonics already existing in the power system are also referred to as "ambient harmonics". To provide a basis for HVDC or SVC design, or Power Quality characteristics, measurements shall be carried out investigating the existing ambient harmonic levels at a determined network point.

Measurement of ambient harmonics on high voltage power lines are performed using a standard voltage transformer mounted on a truck, which has been characterized up to harmonic component #25, together with dedicated software, accomplishing IEC 61000-4-7.

Harmonics contain continuous monitoring can be performed in high voltage systems for extended periods of a week or more.

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