The High Voltage electrical calibration laboratory, the first accredited according to ISO 17025 by the Accreditation National Entity in Spain (ENAC), was recognized by the Spanish Metrological Centre (CEM) as one of its associated laboratories and depositary of the high voltage national standards, being ratified in 2004 by the Bureau International des Poids et Mesures (BIPM). Its international acknowledgement, as a delegated metrological institute, allows the issue of BIPM certificates to spread the traceability of high voltage direct, alternating and voltage impulses magnitudes.

Regarding industrial measurement devices, the LCOE is accredited by ENAC for the calibration of partial discharge meters, capacity and dissipation factor measurement bridges, megohmmeters, voltage dividers, transformer ratiometers and other instruments used in high voltage in a wide measurement range. The LCOE has extensive experience in calibrating these types of devices, which is a guarantee of quality for our customers.

DC Measuring systems Up to 200 kV
Partial discharge instruments From 0.5 to 2000 pC
Partial discharge calibrators From 0.5 to 100 000 pC
Megohm meters Up to 15 kV
Capacitance / tan δ bridges From tan δ ≥ 10-5 pu
DC Measuring systems Up to 200 kV
AC Measuring systems Up to 500 kV
LI / SI Measuring systems Up to 800 kV
Voltage transformers Up to 500 kV
Current transformers Up to 10 kA
High voltage capacitors Up to 200 kV