11 julio 2022

LCOE performs measurement of no-load losses, load losses and sound level on 250 MVA 400 / 155 kV auto power transformers for getra

Several tests according to IEC 60076 Standards were performed in May 2022 on a three-phase oil-immersed auto power transformer 250 MVA 400 / 155 kV at […]
28 junio 2022

Calibration of AC high voltage measuring systems up to 500 kV

Calibration of two AC high voltage measuring systems up to 500 kV, 60 Hz and one additional AC high voltage measuring system of rated voltage 200 […]
21 junio 2022

LCOE-CTAT presents the new universal measuring equipment at the nord-is international conference

Jorge Rovira, LCOE-CTAT R&D&I engineer, participated in the 27th Nordic Insulation Symposium on Materials, Components and Diagnostics (NORD-IS) held from the 13th to the 15th may, […]
14 junio 2022

LCOE performs current and voltage lightning impulse tests on a tip section of a wind rotor blade

Due to wind turbines natural geometry, they are directly exposed to lightning and its effect on the structure and its equipment. As manufacturers want to design […]
14 junio 2022

Type tests of 127 / 220 (245) kV cable systems at LCOE

Electrical type tests and the electrical part of the extension of prequalification tests were performed on two 127 / 220 (245) kV cable systems manufactured by […]
13 junio 2022

FFII-LCOE will attend the ICOLSE Conference

FFII-LCOE and many companies from the sector will be present at ICOLSE Madrid Organizing Committee (September, 12-15), an International Conference on Lightning and Static Electricity which […]